Quotation Invoicing Production Software

Cost-estimation software tailored for the kitchen manufacturing industry streamlines pricing processes and enhances efficiency.

Introducing QuInPro, a specialized software tailored specifically for kitchen manufacturing industries. It simplifies the process of generating quotations, bills of materials, and production slips, effectively streamlining the entire production workflow.

Quotations Managemet

Effortlessly create and customize quotes for stocked or customized items, catering to both existing and new customers. Our system allows for easy customization of products based on dimensions and specifications, ensuring flexibility and accuracy in every quote.

Bill of Material

QuInPro provides accurate production cost calculations, including material costs and consumption. With detailed bills featuring specifications and product dimensions, you can ensure precision in every aspect of production and zero margin for error.

Product Managemet

Effortlessly organize and manage your product catalog with our intuitive Product Management feature. Easily add, edit, and update product information, including specifications and pricing, to ensure accuracy and consistency across your inventory. With streamlined product management, you can stay organized and responsive to customer needs, driving efficiency and growth in your business.

Product Configurator:

Automatically generate production slips with all necessary details, including material types and cutting sizes required for custom products. Our system even generates labelling stickers, simplifying the assembly process and ensuring accuracy at every step.

Sales Order Management

Streamline order processing and fulfilment with fast and efficient tools that enhance customer service. Instant access to stock availability, prices, and product substitutions maximizes sales while ensuring accurate and timely order completion.

Inventory Managemet

Optimize stock levels and maintain optimal inventory with ease. Our system notifies you of low material levels and enables seamless generation of purchase orders, automating inventory management for smooth operations.