Effortlessly generate sleek GST invoices in seconds, transforming mundane tasks into seamless successes with our user-friendly invoicing solution.

Create professional GST invoices in seconds, effortlessly share them via email and WhatsApp, and manage inventory seamlessly. Our software is tailored for Indian medium and small businesses, ensuring streamlined operations and growth.

Sending Estimates & Quotations

Easily generate essential documents, including quotations, estimates, and GST or Non-GST invoices. Seamlessly send quotes and estimates to customers via WhatsApp or email, and convert them into sale invoices effortlessly. Save time with instant quotes and manage multiple businesses in one place.

Sales Order Management

Elevate customer service with fast and efficient order processing, ensuring accurate and timely order fulfillment. Instant access to stock availability, prices, and product substitutions maximizes sales opportunities, empowering your business to thrive in today's competitive landscape.

Inventory Managemet

Optimize your stock levels and maintain optimal inventory with ease. Billing Desk notifies you of low material levels and enables you to generate purchase orders automatically or manually, ensuring efficient inventory management.

GST-Compliant Invoicing:

Generate invoices with ease, ensuring compliance with GST regulations. Include details such as GSTIN, HSN codes, and applicable surcharges effortlessly.

Customizable Billing & Invoicing Templates:

Tailor your billing and invoicing templates to match your business requirements and branding needs, ensuring a professional and cohesive look for all your documents.

Comprehensive Sales and Purchase Reports

Gain valuable insights into your business performance with comprehensive reports on sales, purchases, and inventory, empowering informed decision-making.

Delivery Challan Generation

Easily generate delivery challans for dispatched goods, providing detailed information on items, quantities, and other relevant details for smooth transactions.

Multiple Business Support

Manage and switch between multiple businesses effortlessly from a single interface, simplifying operations and saving time.

Multi-User Access:

Ensure secure and controlled access with support for multiple user accounts, each with different access levels, to protect your sensitive business data.

Expense Tracking:

Record and track business expenses effortlessly, including surcharges and taxes, to maintain accurate financial records and streamline expense management.

User Training and Support

Access training resources and reliable customer support to assist you in effectively using the software, ensuring a smooth transition and ongoing success with Billing Desk.