Meet The Team Behind kalkisoft

Cultivating a culture of technology innovation to develop impactful software solutions that shape a better future. 

Our Team

Born from a deep passion for technology and fueled by over two decades of industry expertise, KalkiSoft understands the struggles faced by manufacturing businesses. Driven by empathy and a desire to make a difference, we embarked on a journey to provide affordable solutions. Through relentless dedication, we developed software to simplify the complexities of manual invoicing and inventory management, empowering small and medium-sized enterprises to thrive. At KalkiSoft, we’re more than just a software company; we’re your partners in success, committed to supporting your growth every step of the way.

Milind Bhavsar

Founder CEO

With over two decades in the IT industry, Milind Bhavsar's passion for technology led him to found KalkiSoft. He identified challenges faced by manufacturing businesses and developed affordable solutions to streamline operations. Milind's expertise spans multimedia design, strategic consultancy, and project leadership, driving KalkiSoft's mission to empower businesses for success.

Milind Kunte

Head- Business Development

Milind boasts over 20 years of hands-on experience spearheading successful IT projects within the Telecom and Healthcare domains. He holds key certifications including PMP, Oracle 9i DBA, and Sun Solaris Admin. His expertise lies in delivering complex projects with precision and efficiency, showcasing his adeptness in navigating diverse technological landscapes.​

Chetan Patil

Head- Techinical

Chetan is a seasoned technical leader with over 8 years of expertise in web and cloud application development. With a strong background in architecting scalable solutions, he excels in guiding teams towards innovative, high-quality software products that drive business success.